Shake, Rattle and Roll

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No one who enjoys golf can forget the shaking, squiggling, and weird gyrations of Charles Barkley addressing his ball. We have all seen some disturbing waggles… as if the golfer were performing an ancient mating ritual with the ball.

To avoid the waggles, wiggles, and giggles practice at the range. Perform golf specific exercises to address your specific issues in your body. Think about EVERY part of your swing, your body, your stance, your head position, your abdominals…. at the GYM. Then, leave those thoughts at the GYM. Think about your shots, your strategies, your clubs at the RANGE. Then, leave those thoughts at the range. Football players work out, they practice, they receive instruction and coaching during practice. Then they play a game. They don’t think about the gym or practice drills. When it’s time to golf, golf.

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