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About Dr. Dubrow

In addition to being a Doctor of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, Dr. Dubrow is a Certified Golf Fitness Specialist. She will expertly analyze your body while you are swinging your club. more…

Golf Body Screen.
During your drive, Dr. Dubrow identifies muscle flexibility, strength, and joint mobility problems which prevent you from performing the perfect execution of your swing. more…  

Golf Body Analysis
Dr. Dubrow uses special diagnostics to further analyze those physical problems.  Joint mobility is also evaluated to distinguish whether mobility within the joint more…

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Dr. Dubrow with William Breland
There may be no one swing that works for every golfer, but for every golfer the MODEL GOLFBODY℠ will produce the most efficient and effective swing.”
William Breland
GOLO GOLF President and Co-Founder